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Testimonials Work

We were looking for a dog groomer, my wife turned to Nextdoor Neighbor an online service for neighborhood news and service. She found a groomer that had a great rating and most importantly some fantastic testimonials. How many of your customers begin their buying journey the same way? For most this is the first step and testimonials are the drive behind their decision.
I recently interview Stacey Brown Randall business coach, author, creator of Growth by Referrals and one of my clients. Here’s what Stacey had to say about how testimonials have helped grow her business. For more information about Growth by Referrals visit:

All Things Possible - Avonlea Powell Story.

Avonlea Powell lives in Rock Hill SC and was born with Triasamine 13 a rare chromosomal disorder. The Powell's have a Honda Prius which was too small to accommodate her car seat. To travel just to the doctor family had to take two vehicles; one to transport Avonlea the other for her support equipment. The family contacted All Things Possible Medical Fundraising to raise $24,000 for a van and wheelchair ramp. On October 1, 2018, the family took possession of a 2014 Nissan van at Parks Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC. Please watch this story about Avonlea's will to survive and the families reaction to seeing their new van.

PWE-Media partners with All Things Possible to provide these and other stories. Our mission is to create videos that inspire change. All our services are donated to All Things Possible in honor to Our Father who provides all we have.

5 Essential Business Videos

When putting a video plan together consider these five video types to top your list. 1.Testimonials create a personal connection to prospect. Customers want to know about your business although, they prefer to hear about it from other customers. 2.FAQ videos provide the answers to frequently asked questions.  Have team member answer 5-25 questions the answer each day. 3.Explainer videos provide information about how to do something. For example, how to use your product or explain a process such as estate planning, legal proceedings, or real estate investing. 4.Organizational overviews provide the information about the who, what, and why we are here to serve. These could be a short commercial about the company, a brief history or Key personnel bios. 5.Take care of your people and they’ll take care of your customer. Internal communication videos such as new hire on boarding, operational and safety training, benefit overviews or even celebrating a company milestone. All can improve employ…

Been Busy

Wow, two months since my last post. It's been wonderful working with some new and returning clients producing training and marketing projects. But one of the greatest projects I've had the opportunity to produce was for All Things Possible Medical Fundraising . I've been working with Lisa Sexton and the ministry for a little over a year and I always seem to be in between projects when Lisa texts to see if I'm available to record another family with a medical need. Avonlea Powell had a rough start, but defied the odds and is now a happy 4-1/2 -year-old. I pray you'll take some time to watch; and by all means, pass it on.

BTL Pt. 2 – Why Use Video? Optimum video length

Behind the LensBehind the Lens: Why Use Video? Part 2: Optimum Video Length
We all have short attention spans. On average only 20% of us read articles. That’s why many organizations use video to deliver their message.

Wistia, video hosting service wanted to know when viewer engagement begins to drop off? They compiled data from over half-million videos with over 1-billion plays. Here’s what they discovered. Videos up to 2-minutes had the best engagement rate.  After 2-minutes, engagement drops significantly.  For training, documentaries or narrative-driven stories, 6-12 minutes is the optimum time frame. However, after 12-minutes engagement did continue to drop off.
In a previous edition of Behind the Lens, I introduced 4 video types Explainer, Demonstration, Personalized, and Testimonials. So, what is the optimum length for these?  Explainer and Demonstration videos are generally 1-2:00 minutes. Personalized videos and Testimonials should be less than 1-minute.
No matter what type of video,…

Behind The Lens - Why use video part 1? - Video Types

Behind the Lens We all know video should be a part of our online presence but what type of video and how long? In this two-part series, I'll share some research and provide a guide to help you create content to educate and inform your audience.
Behind the Lens: Why Use Video? Part 1: Video Types
Welcome to behind the lens. Today we’re talking about types of videos. We know video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Last year video accounted for 74% of all internet traffic. Which means, your customers prefer watching video then reading text. Video adds credibility and gives you the opportunity to showcase your business. So what types of videos should we produce?

The Four most popular video types are Explainer, Demonstration, Personalized, and Testimonials. An Explainer video helps the audience understand the uniqueness of your business and introduces them to terminology, features, or a process.

The demonstration video showcases the features, advantages, and benef…

Mark Whitacre LIVE

In the early '90's Mark Whitacre was destined to lead the 93rd largest company in the world. He lived in a 13,000 sq.ft. house, 8-car garage with a car in each bay, a private jet that could whisk him to foreign destinations, a 7-figure salary & stock options. Not bad for a 32-year old. But something was wrong. His wealth and success was built on a house of cards that he helped knock down. Mark and his wife Ginger will be in Charlotte, NC March 3 at West Cabarrus Church for Mark Whitacre LIVE. The event is sponsored by CBMC - Charlotte. For tickets, time and information click here. Carolina Business Today & PWE-Media will be recording the event for CBMC.